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Don Russell Drug Mart – 80 Years of Pharmacy & Retail Health Solutions

Our founder, Don Russell, opened our first store in 1933. In the 80 years since then we have been serving our community with friendly, knowledgeable and helpful service. Our store has become a well-known establishment in Etobicoke, and we proudly count many expanding generations of families, as well as new residents to our area among our customers.

You Can Count on Our Employees to Give You the Relief and Answers You Need

At Don Russell Drug Mart, we understand that there’s a very good chance that you’ve come to our store because you’re not feeling well in some respect. Such a condition calls for a warm greeting, a compassionate attitude, and a proficiency in matching your ailments with the proper over-the-counter or pharmaceutical solution. Each of our employees take great pride in the part he or she plays in making you feel better with a minimum of delay.

You can get to know about the people carrying on Don Russell’s work by visiting our Staff page. Then, by all means even if you’re feeling fine, please come in and say hello!

Feel Better Soon!
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